Monday, June 22, 2009

Chilly's Prognosis

Chilly Dog went to see the vet last week for a checkup and to see if there was anything that could be done about his trouble walking. His mobility has been getting worse since last April, and he hasn't been able to go for walks of any length since early this year. For the last several months he has been eating regular dog food, but usually with some canned food or treats to make it more appealing. The vet believes that he has arthritis in his knees, hips, and back. He felt the back half of the spine and found that it was all pretty solid, meaning that there was either a disk problem, or severe arthritis there. The vet thought that his arthritis was likely caused by his chasing rabbits and jumping off high places in his younger years, but may also have an autoimmune disease contributing to it (similar to rheumatoid arthritis in people). Either way, the arthritis in his back was likely causing nerve problems resulting in lack of feeling to his back feet which explains why he has trouble moving them. Other than taking anti-inflamatories and the doggie version of vicadin for pain, there is no easy treatment, although going to physical therapy or swimming is great exercise for him without having to put pressure on his joints.

The doctor was not all negative....he said that Chilly has a "very strong ticker", good eyesight, good hearing, and appears to be mentally sharp. Because of the nerve problem, he doesn't have pain in the back hip, and he generally seems happy. He wanted to see Chilly back in three months.

Since the visit, Chilly has been walking around more, eating better (without any canned dog food or people food) and seeming happier, despite the oppressive heat.

(These pictures were taken on a visit to Petsmart last week).


Tom said...

Cheers to Chilly!! Feel better, Mr. Dog!

Chilly Dog said...

This is Chilly and thank you for your concern and I am feeling better.

Chilly Dog

heatherottinger said...

Hi Chilly (aka Chili). Thinking of you and glad you are feeling better!! Love, Mommy